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What is Psychotherapy?

Arnold Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology is a mystical form of psychotherapy which is deeply embedded in eastern spirituality that allows healing to come from cultivating awareness. 

As the name suggests, Process Oriented Psychology or Process Work is a process in itself, evolving and dynamic in its nature. The roots, like a lotus blossoming, stem from the influence of Jungian psychology, Taoism, Quantum Physics, Indigenous wisdom and non-duality.


Process work integrates multiple modalities including resource therapy, non-dual therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, somatic and body work, movement therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing.

Process work is a platform in which we can bridge psychology and spirituality. It recognises and invites us to explore somatics (body sensations), dreams, relationships, movement tendencies and our connection with our society and culture. Our insights and realisations lead to deep transformations and sustainable change in your world.

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What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy is informed by the fundamental concept that our emotions are held in the body.

Therapy is grounded in the present moment experience.  I am there, encouraging you to connect with the felt experience. In doing so, allow the process of the body's innate intelligence to regulate and complete cycles that were originally stuck in trauma. 

This is a a relational modality that integrates: neuroscience and polyvagal theory and is a gateway to reconnect with coming home to yourself, authenticity and safety. 

What Does a session involve?

In an initial session, I get to know you, and we establish our relationship and what wants to emerge in you.


What are your desired goals?

Where do you want to create change? 

What does your heart long for?

Is there wisdom in life's challenges?


Ongoing sessions may focus on process work, self reflection, awareness, sharing dialogue, seeking guidance, mentorship, breath work, strategies and 

meditation practice.

Every person is individual, so will the session itself. 

What Psychotherapy is not

Process Work is not like traditional psychology. As with all forms of different paradigms in health and healing, each modality has its own frame of reference.


Process work doesn't assess, interpret, analyse or pathologise what may be happening for you, but rather follows the "process".

Everything is welcome.

What is Psychotherapy

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”

~ Carl Jung

ONE-ON-ONE Psychotherapy sessions

I offer a holistic approach to one-on-one sessions, creating a safe space where you will be guided to access the wisdom of your body, mind and Heart.

One-on-one sessions are co-created with you, drawing upon the Heart, using holistic counselling & psychotherapy, meditation and yoga to support a process of getting to know yourself, your challenges, your unconscious beliefs and patterns of behaviour. 

I acknowledge that by seeking support, you are committing to yourself. This may come with both ease and difficulty as some of your long held beliefs may be challenged and reshaped. I am committed to be present, support you and we gather the inner resources you need to really get to know yourself. 


Where: Merewether or Online Platform (Zoom)

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