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Thankyou Tamara!

Your compassionate guidance and support have truly transformed my life. When I first came to you, I was struggling with various challenges and I felt hopeless. The weight of past traumas and emotional pain felt overwhelming, and I was desperate for a way to heal and find peace within myself. From the very beginning, you created a safe and supportive environment that allowed me to open up and explore my pain.
Your unique therapeutic approach helped me cultivate a greater awareness of my body and how they relate to my emotions and mental state. I felt this gave me permission to access and process my trauma.
During our sessions, I experienced profound breakthroughs that have had a lasting impact on my well-being. With your guidance, I am learning to listen to my body's wisdom. I still use exercises that you gave me to regulate my nervous system and manage stress and anxiety.
I am grateful for your unwavering belief in my ability to heal and grow. And your repetition of  "There is nothing wrong with me!" 

- Ashley B

I have been working with Tamara for a year and a half.  Her style of therapy is different to any I had previously tried, and I am so grateful for that!  I have a tendency to be very analytical and mind dominant, and, prior to working with Tamara, therapy sessions didn't feel highly useful.  Despite all the techniques I studied, the application was a real challenge for me.  I felt lost in numerous aspects of my life, including both career and relationship.


From our very first session, Tamara skillfully guided me to connect with my whole self (body included), and the benefits of her approach have been mind blowing.  Tamara is able to get straight to my key issues, without me having to recount every detail of my life.  I am amazed how easefully and compassionately Tamara guided me to uncover mysteries within myself that have been blocked from my awareness for so long.


After Tamara's sessions, I feel clear, energized and peaceful.  The wisdom Tamara has shared with me throughout sessions resonates strongly within me, and has helped me far beyond our sessions and the issues faced at the particular time.  I feel a more whole person since beginning on my journey with working with Tamara.  I've been able to make significant changes in my life with, and am happier than ever with the direction I'm heading in.


I highly recommend Tamara to anyone who is feels ready to explore their deeper layers.  It is a pleasure of a journey to embark on.  Thank you Tamara for all your compassionate guidance and support.

- Amy R


I have been seeing Tamara for 6 months, she is an amazing therapist. Tamara is a gentle and kind person who is respectful and makes you feel at ease, like a friend. She has helped me get to the bottom of my issues and how they are affecting me physically and mentally as well as give advice and share skills on how to manage and move through them. It is an amazing emotional experience and I am truly grateful to have found her, I personally highly recommend Tamara as a holistic psychotherapist. 

- Chrissy Amelia

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