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Inhabiting the Heart: Self-Paced Meditation Course


How could words possibly do justice to what I have the privilege and opportunity to share with you.13 years ago I was drawn to meditation and it has changed my life in so many ways. Ive tried and trained in complex and simple techniques from many contemplative traditions, but what I always come back to are meditations that bring me back to the Heart. Inspired by teachers like Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti, Jeff Foster and Tara Brach and many more. The heart is a mysterious organ. In many languages, heart is the word we use to speak of our essence, innermost feeling, and connectedness in ourselves. Heart is where we come from. The cultivation of practices through meditation and self-inquiry support the discovery of not what you are seeking but what is already found… what already exists within you… This course is inspired out of the misconceptions that surround meditation. It is an invitation to pay attention to what is actually here. When we learn to inhabit the Heart, we begin to compassionately embrace all aspects of ourselves. Who this course is for? Anyone who is curious about meditation Anyone who is caught up in the busyness of life Anyone who wants to demystify what a formal meditation practice could look like Anyone who is yearning to reconnect with their Heart What is included? - 5 individually themed recorded video discourses - 4 corresponding guided audio meditations - Self-reflection journal prompts for integration self-inquiry - Email support if needed




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