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One-to-one sessions

I offer a holistic approach to one-on-one sessions, creating a safe space where you will be guided to access the wisdom of your body, mind and Heart.

One-on-one sessions are co-created with you, drawing upon the Heart, using holistic counselling & psychotherapy, meditation and yoga to support a process of getting to know yourself, your challenges, your uncuncious beliefs and patterns of behaviour. 

In an initial session, I get to know you, and we establish our relationship and what wants to emerge in you. What are your desired goals? Where do you want to create change? Ongoing sessions may focus on process work, self reflection, awareness, sharing dialogue, seeking guidance, mentorship, breath work and meditation practice.

I acknowledge that by seeking support, you are committing to yourself. This may come with both ease and difficulty as some of your ling held beliefs may be challenged and reshaped. I am committed to be present, support you and we gather the inner resources you need to really get to know yourself. 


Where: Thrive Wellness Hub


Thrive and will provide you with the tools to integrate insights and clarity into your daily life. .

 Contact me through the form below to make a booking or find out more about fees. 

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